Infographic: Go Figure, Active Kids Outdoors Are Healthier

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When I was growing up, I knew full well that when my mom hollered, "GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY," she meant "you're driving me nuts, and I've had enough." But maybe she knew something more. It's not exactly news that kids (and adults!) live healthier lives when they're active outside. Shocker. But sometimes the reminder is nice, particularly when it's grounded by some research and visualized in a dapper illustration tweaked to the short attention span of our frantic lives. Here goes! A short and sweet infographic highlighting the health benefits for getting your groms to go play outside so you can, I suppose, feel guiltless the next time you find yourself yelling just like my mom did. Of course, there's a flipside. The great outdoors has its hazards, too. So, make your spawn grease up with sunscreen, show them why it's important to look both ways before crossing the street, teach them not to eat poisonous plants. There might be a few more. Maybe we could just agree to be sensible parents. Oh, I know — I know. It's easier said than done . . . 

Via: National Environmental Education Foundation



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