Walrus Mom Cuddles with Her Baby — And It's Irresistible

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Most of the time, I spare you my proud, self-aggrandizing fatherhood stories. Not all, but most. Today is one of those exceptions, but at least it's packaged up with this clip from National Geographic TV. So, let's get to that first. Walruses are large Arctic mammals; depending on your perspective, they kind look like chunky old men with thick, whiskery mustaches. I know this because my daughter said so. When a five-year-old says something like that, it's just dang cute and she means no harm. While the clip here is narrated with a rather stoic and unemotional voice, about two minutes in the mother walrus wraps her big flappers around her newborn baby and pulls him tight. While probably so few of us ever even give one thought to walruses throughout our typical day, this clip gives us a glimpse into a warm moment in the natural world of protective mothering that's all too familiar.  

My daugher's school dedicates one week every winter to Project Week, a week in which all the kids give a little presentation. Chloe is in kindergarten, and all the kindergarteners had to pick an Arctic animal. She chose the walrus.

"What made you pick that one, Chloe?" I asked her.

"I don't know," she said. And then, "Wait, I know. They're CUTE!"

You want some cute in your day? Ask a preschool child to say the word walrus.

So, off we went to the library for some books, and to the craft store for some supplies to build a prop. Chloe used a paper bag, wrapped it in a brown fabric, glued on some googly eyes, asked me to spray paint a cotton ball for the nose, then she painted some fake eyelashes for the whiskers and cut some brown felt for the flippers. Brooke figured out the tusks and showed Chloe how to make them — in the end she crafted it up on her own, we only helped when she asked.

Does the ultra cute cuddling in that video make you wanna see the brilliant prop and riveting report by my daughter? I thought so. Here you go, all things walrus by Chloe:

chloe and her walrus

Chloe's walrus report in all of its splendor and brilliance



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