Sad News: 2-Year-Old Son of Blogger Velo Mom Murdered While On Vacation

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axel charrette

The unthinkable happened on Thursday February 28, 2013 to the Charrette family of Ridgway, Colorado. There's no easy way to say it, 2-year-old Axel Charrette was murdered while on an open-ended adventure trip with the family. Randy and Jen, and their two boys Kalden, 7, and Axel, 2. Around here, we always knew Jen Charrette as Velo Mom, the voice of the blog of the same name that chronicles her life as a cyclist, adventurer, mother and wife.

Late last summer, the family of four sold off many of their belongings, packed the rest ("four bikes and two surfboards!" says Jen) into a travel trailer and their Land Rover, rented out their Ridgway house and hit the road. Jen and her husband, Randy, found a way to work while traveling and decided to embark on a nomadic life for however long they pleased. It captured my interest early on and I followed along as they posted updates to the blog. In January, they made their way to the town of Sayulita in Nayarit, Mexico, a quaint and safe town known for a decent surf break and proximity to tropical jungle. They rented a house to settle into for a few months.

Last week it all changed. On the night of the 28th, Jen and Randy hired a babysitter to watch the boys, and while they were gone the babysitter's ex-boyfriend showed up at the house. All we know so far is that the ex-boyfriend, evidently high on narcotics, assualted little Axel, threw him into the pool and left him to drown. He's been arrested and Mexican authorities say justice for the Charrette family is top priority.

It's terrible, chilling, unfathomable and unfair. Axel was so adorable, deserved a full life, and was indeed immeasurably loved by his parents and older brother. There's just no way to understand their grief and sorrow, but as a parent myself its a sorrow I doubt I could deal with very well. The San Juan community of Ridgway has pulled together to support the family, even naming a local bike trail in memory of Axel.

A memorial service will be held Tuesday March 12, 2013 at Sherbino Theater in Ridgway, Colorado. Send your love, prayers and support their way.

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axel charrette


Shanda Green
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# Shanda Green 2013-03-09 14:45
Profoundly sad when I heard about this family's loss. I wish I could hug all of them. I wish I could make it better. My best hope is that Jen and Randy can make it through this sadness and help their older son, who still needs his mommy and daddy and who still deserves a happy life.
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Mark Stephens
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# Mark Stephens 2013-03-09 22:36
Agreed. It's surreal. Such a happy family that deserved none of this.
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# maalsila 2013-03-18 18:39
The COmforter has arrived
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# maalsila 2013-03-18 18:40
The comforter/parac lete has arrived! please read the book "THE 13th Disciple" in the book section
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