LEGO People Go Kayaking in a Stop-Motion Film

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2012 ChiLEGO Whitewater Grand Prix from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

"The bricks are so versatile that just six of them can be arranged in 915,103,765 ways."
—Joseph Pisani, The Making of . . . a LEGO

Real quick, did you know that the very LEGO® bricks (you and) your kids play with first came out in the 1950s? And the concept for how these little suckers stick together has largely remained unchanged. The name is the abbreviated version of two Danish words that mean "play good."  So there you have it. And it turns out that the ultimate building blocks make an awesome medium in a stop-motion film. Last December, a little event called the Whitewater GrandPrix held a 14-day, 5-stage kayaking competition that drew 30 world-class paddlers from all over the world. And Whitewater GrandPrix promoted the event with this hilarious and hypnotic short video of little LEGO® people doing the deed. Enjoy.

kayaking legos 001


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# Gav 2013-05-31 03:15
Great video.
I like the way the got the kayak disappearing into the stopper.
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Jason Hlebakos
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# Jason Hlebakos 2013-06-18 14:36
That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!
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