What National Park Rangers Have to Say About the Closed Parks

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I Am a Park Ranger from NPCA on Vimeo.


"You’re not a rebel or a patriot if you enter the closed parks. You’re a burden on the park, the skeleton staff and the ecosystem." - KCOWYO on tumblr


It's probably no surprise to hear that even though the National Parks are closed to the public in the wake of this Federal government shutdown, uniformed, angry or frustrated visitors either criticize the Park Service or they're entering anyway. They're going around barricades and through native vegetation or breaking deadbolts and locks. Sadly, when the public is left unsupervised, this is what it does. And this extra burden only emphasizs the need for a well-staffed and funded parks. Park rangers are the folks who dedicate their careers and their lives not just to conserving and protecting the National Parks and the wildlife within, but also sharing, educating, keeping the places clean, making them fun for families, and more.

Park rangers are not allowed to share their personal opinions on the issues at hand because they're federal employees. So the National Parks Conservation Association assembled this video using letters written by anonymous Park rangers read by narrators. It offers us a glimpse into what's on their minds during this bizzare time for our most cherished lands.


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