Walrus Mom Cuddles with Her Baby — And It's Irresistible

walrus cuddle

My daugher's school dedicates one week every winter to Project Week, a week in which all the kids give a little presentation. Chloe is in kindergarten, and all the kindergarteners had to pick an Arctic animal. She chose the walrus.

"What made you pick that one, Chloe?" I asked her.

"I don't know," she said. And then, "Wait, I know. They're CUTE!"

You want some cute in your day? Ask a preschool child to say the word walrus.

How One Vulture Helps Kids Recognize Their Self-Worth

victor the reluctant vulture jonathan hansonAs much as I hate to say it, raising kids is awfully scary business. And I prefer to think of myself as the sort of gent who looks for the opportunity in a situation, not the problem. But I'd be a fool not to admit it. First, there's feeding, clothing, and providing a warm place to sleep — these are the easy ones. Then we have to do our best to shape our spawn into behaved children, which is way easier than it sounds. Then get them an education, teach them how to ride bikes, do their homework, make friends, clean their messes, lick their wounds, respect money, follow instruction and on and on . . . it's not easy and it doesn't end there, sorry. We also hope to make them feel loved and important (ahh, yet not too important), and we have to somehow help them discover their talents, skills, self-worth and identity, frequently to their ferocious resistance. To use a baseball metaphor, the strike zone is about the size of a shoebox. How can 18 years possibly be enough to get the job done right?

If raising kids is hard, making it through adolescence is no cakewalk, either. Who didn't feel awkward or aimless at some point during those years?

Here's a new childrens' book that tackles the issue . . .

This Is Not How You Teach a Child to Ski

learn-to-ski 001

In parenthood, man, I know I've made more mistakes than I care to count or admit. That's the nature of parenting — it's full-speed in the dark without instructions, and we're all going to have some regrets here and there. So casting judgement at other parents and their mistakes that unfortunately get caught on video and posted to the merciless court of the internet ought to come also with a moral to the story. Some of you might want to hang the anonymous dad in this video for sending his grom down a slope that's far too steep . . .

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