Choosing An Adventure Vehicle Part V: Volkswagen T5 Doubleback Campervan with Popup and Slideout

vw campervan doubleback family camping

If it's one thing minivans and car camping have going for them, it's Volkswagen. From the chill vibe of the venerable microbus to the pinnacle of them all, the 4WD Syncro of the 1980s and 90s with a Westfalia camper conversion, you could stand on firm ground espousing the pure, time-honored awesome that is a minivan camper conversion . . .

Roger Clyne's 34 Family Campin' Tips

family camping in mexico , palapa and Springbar tent
Strength in numbers: 4 families camping together on the beach in Mexico

My stats tell me a healthy percentage of visitors to this space are within these fine boundaries of the state of Arizona, which is why I'm sharing this with you — and it's totally poached from an email that came from Arizona rock-n-roller Roger Clyne of Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers. The band blasted an email out that included a missive from Clyne telling a story of his recent family camping trip. Sure, he's a guy who puts food on the table by playing music, and he's been doing it for a long time. Good chance you know who he is. But more importantly he's also a dad who camps with the whole fam, just like many of us, and he penned this golden list of tips and how-not-to-screw-ups on all matters of family camping in the email today.

10 Tasty, Interesting Beers that Complete an Adventure

camping in mexico drinking beer
That dude is so stoked that he doesn't even notice the rising tide.

All things come in threes, as the saying goes, and I believe the ceremonial articles of proper camping begin with coffee, chocolate, and beer. Every trip ought to have these. At a meeting of usual suspects at a desolate camp at the base of a desert mountain, we agreed on the coffee-chocolate-beer trifecta but quizzed one another on the specifics: what's your favorite brew? I had to go first . . .

Highball Honeymoon: Newlyweds Take a Rock Climbing Road Trip

sonnie trotter 002

Could there possibly be a happier time in life than the honeymoon? My wife and I were waiting in line in the general store at the Grand Canyon North Rim just a couple of months after getting hitched. We were also flirting. So the old guy behind the counter said, "You must be newlyweds."

"We are."

 The place errupted in applause and smiles...

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