The Magic of A Weekend Cabin with Friends

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We were two families of four each, and on a snowy December afternoon we shoehorned ourselves, our possessions and a weekend's worth of food for all into a 450-square-foot studio cabin with loft. The eight of us were a sum of these parts: two married couples, a teenage girl, two happy preschoolers, and an enterprising infant boy. The cabin substantiated itself legit with knotty pine wood walls, an iron wood burning stove, one saggy double bed next to the kitchen, four single mattresses on the floor of the steep angled gable cavern that was the loft, and a little covered porch whose stonework walls faced a whispering mountain creek.

We rented it for about 100 bucks and didn't mind one bit.

In Praise of Little Adventures Close to Home

Alastair Humphreys recently rowed a boat across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain to Barbados. He's also ridden his bike around the world, canoed 500 miles of the Yukon River, and all kinds of other wildness. Today, he's training in Greenland for an unsupported expedition to the South Pole. The adventurer, author and motivational speaker did something even more remarkable in 2011 that earned him a nomination for National Geographic's Adventurer of The Year: he didn't leave home. Just kidding. Somewhat. Rather than undertaking a momentous transcontinental trek on a burro named Thunder or Angel or something like that, he launched off on small so-called microadventures right from his doorstep, never more than just a couple of days at a time and always returning home. That's what he did for a full year.

Guidelines for Active Pregnant Women

While there's little shortage of thrilling anecdotal bites about women who stay active during pregnancy, like Erica Lineberry who climbed 5.11s at 9 months pregnant, what do the professionals recommend? What kinds of exercise and activities are not recommended for pregnant women? Which ones are safe? The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology has few suggestions, and here they are . . .

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