A Sure-Fire Way to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

Custom LED lights in a Roof Top Tent, Eezi-Awn, Camping Lab, Hannibal, TechnitopHannibal and Maggiolina Roof Top Tents on the Beach in Baja, Mexico showing off their custom LED light installations

You know one major problem with owning a roof top tent - and I don't care if it's an Eezi-Awn, a Hannibal, or a Technitop, the problem is the same: they're super comfortable, super easy to set up and take down, and they're super irritating because you're still stuck with a headlamp attached to your head if you have any care at all to read a book or put on some jammies.

Seriously, it's like going to an awesome world famous pizzeria with incredible pie, but you have to bring your own cheese. Or worse, it's like going to Mom's house and having to cook your own meals.

Roof top tents have comfy mattresses, superior tent walls and all that jazz but they don't have lights inside. Which is a deficiency of epic proportions. A giant-sized "WTF?"

What National Park Rangers Have to Say About the Closed Parks

grand canyon

Park rangers are not allowed to share their personal opinions on the issues at hand because they're federal employees. So the National Parks Conservation Association assembled this video using letters written by anonymous Park rangers read by narrators. It offers us a glimpse into what's on their minds during this bizzare time for our most cherished lands . . .

When The Best Bike in The World Gets Stolen from a 12-Year-Old Boy

p.k. ripper in 1983
It was the best bike money could buy in the early 1980s. He enjoyed the satisfaction of it for just a short time, though

In the mid-1970s a pimply faced adolescent named Perry Kramer probably had no idea whatsoever that he'd be making one of the longest standing marks on the fledgling, and largely amateur, early BMX racing world. He was just about 15 or 16 when he started snatching titles around the southwest and scored some sponsorships. In 1976, the year I was born, he ranked second in the first pro national event, the real deal that made a circuit from California to Florida. Not quite 18 years old, he landed on the cover of Bicycle Motocross Magazine in May of '76.

And then things got really interesting for Kramer, if you're not already impressed. SE Racing, a company he co-founded, launched a new and pioneering bike frame made out of aluminum. Building aluminum frames back in those foggy days most often resulted in lackluster, fragile bikes because the material is more finicky to work than hi-tensile or chromium-molybdenum steel. Because aluminum is so light, it promised to make a ripping-good BMX bike if the boys could figure out how to make a viable frame from it. And that they did. The company had dialed in the process, the geometry, the tube shape, the joints, the welding and yielded a highly durable bike that could take all the pounding administered by a 17-year-old kid chasing the riches of a $200 race purse. Because of the difficulty and expense of working with aluminum, and the great measure of badassness, the bike was nearly legendary overnight.

In Case You Ever Want to Date My Sister-in-Law

canyoneering james canyon 002

How many times have I been asked by single men if my wife has a sister? If I had a nickel for every shameless SOB . . . Yes indeed fellas, she has a sister. Like my wife, she's a 10 on a scale of 10. She's blond, blue-eyed, smart, goal-oriented, beautiful, fit, and down for an outdoor adventure of any flavor anytime. When I got married to Brooke, her sister was in her first year of college and her reaction to our wedding was this: "Yea! It's so great to have an older brother. I have someone talk to about all of my guy problems!"

LEGO People Go Kayaking in a Stop-Motion Film

kayaking legos 001

Real quick, did you know that the very LEGO® bricks (you and) your kids play with first came out in the 1950s? And the concept for how these little suckers stick together has largely remained unchanged. The name is the abbreviated version of two Danish words that mean "play good."  So there you have it. And it turns out that the ultimate building blocks make an awesome medium in a stop-motion film . . .

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