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Storm Cases: A Cool Thing You Probably Don't Know You Want

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For the last two years we've been using these two yellow boxes, Storm Cases actually, for packing our clothes and it's kind of embarrassing. Really, a pair of $130 plastic cases for the clothes?  We bought them specifically because we'd outgrown the truck and something had to go to the roof on our trips. Clothes made the most sense, in regard to weight and the essential truth that you don't need your socks and toothpaste in the back seat during a road trip.

For the same last two years, I've hardly paid them a second thought.  I love them, I love them not. I strap these Storm Cases to the roof rack to get clobbered with highway bug guts, sling them around, drop them on the ground and I never, ever call the next morning. I'm sure you've treated former flings better than that.

Then not too long ago I noticed the two Storm Cases in the closet.  Top shelf, looking ready and rugged with the VORTEX auto pressure release valve facing outward. Watertight cases need to be able to breathe thanks to air pressure changes as your travel through different altitudes and climates. The VORTEX valve handles it all by itself. The model we have is the im2500, which is small enough that it's within the carry-on baggage size threshold for air travel, plus it has snazzy wheels and a fancy extending handle. BADA BING. And yet I show them no love, and yet more they continue to keep our clothes clean and dry - no matter what.

I smirked and thought, "Those really are nice cases."

So there you go.



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