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Absurd or Smart?: Space-Saving Kid's Camping Plates That Store Flat, Weigh Nothing, and Cost Little

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fozzils kids camping plates and dishes

We parents likely will never lift the veil from the mystery of how to get our kids to eat, consistently, the good food we've worked hard to prepare. But we still try, right? And the old adage, “presentation is everything” remains one of the techniques; “presentation” having a loose definition, as I'm sure your children and mine share the same preference for food they find on the ground and deny the full plate in front of them.

Now, before I introduce the main point of this post, let me admit that products like this often raise my eyebrows. I can't say I'm perfect, but I still turn cynical when I'm looking at modern camping gear on the shelf at the gear shop - oh, you want examples? Try the electric fly swatter, the bumper dumper, and the Cruzin Cooler (and I kid you not when the marketing propaganda puts it all into clear focus with this: "Cruzin Cooler combines two basic necessities of life, the ability to have cold food or a beverage handy along with the means to get somewhere, without walking." [sic]). I'm even more suspicious when my wife comes in from the garage with a bag in each hand from said gear shop.

My cynicism reduces me to a failure when I'm dealing with my wife.  She's actually purchased some cool gear in the past. And I thought she was trying to slip one by me when she brought home these plates - despite my burst of laughter, my daughter actually likes these things. Fozzils is a company that makes plates, bowls, and cups that just might strike you as utterly absurd because they somewhat fold like origami and snap together at the corners.

They might be absurd until you see that they

1). fold and store totally flat,
2). are made from a magical BPA-free non-stick substance in lively vivid colors, and
3). come in reusable packaging.

Kids seemingly fall for them. My daughter often goes for the dinner-in-a-special-just-for-her-bowl trick, and the Fozzils make the grade. They're definitely fun and they win a few conservation points in my mind for the reusable packaging.

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