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iAdventure: iPhone Apps to Separate You from Your Money

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apple iphone and 12 outdoor apps for adventuresMy crotchety Usual Suspects, who I faithfully call my friends, are going to let loose some serious tirades about compasses, paper maps, and how "gawdammed kids these days don't grow up with common sense!" when they read 12 iPhone Apps for Exploring The Great Outdoors.

I love 'em to death, but boy, they squeeze out a rectal ranting when they see technology mixing with their precious outdoors.

To put it in perspective, they're the types that are holding onto the late 1990s by still driving 80 series Toyota Land Cruisers (only produced up to 1997, and therefore with high-mileage, a destroyed clear coat, and the ever-classic check engine light eternally lit) because, as they'll put it, "I'm a solid axle man, both literally, technically, and figuratively!" [sic].  Yeah, that was both.

I cut them some slack because they're my friends. Let's get back to it.

Anyone who uses any kind of map knows that navigating on a screen the size of a credit card - oh the irony - is more of a royal pain than learning how to fold a paper topo map.

Otherwise, there are a few interesting apps in that article that could be all right. Scats and Tracks?  Kind of a good idea - perhaps not totally holistic for "serious animal tracking," but at least that app is a response to, ideally, a user saying, "Hey, I want to learn more about the critter who poo'd this out."

Whereas Elevation Pro, well, they're just taking your 99 pennies and laughing, and holding their pee in, all the way to the bank.


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