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swissRoomBox, Swiss Room Box

You gotta hand it to this dude, Philippe Perakis, the brain behind the swissRoomBox.  He's a former professional mountain biker who, like many of us, found a girl and rather quickly determined that he ought to grow out of the dirtbag lifestyle he'd been enjoying so much.

This thing is crazy.  First, it's a box, more or less, that'll slide into a minivan, truck, SUV, crossover, stationwagon, and possibly something as miniature as a Cooper. Well, okay. I don't know for sure about that last one.

It has a shower, a refrigerator, a full chic kitchen kit, a sink, running water, heated water, chairs, two types of tables, yada yada yada.  What's a total trip is that it's designed to arrange-on-the-fly so you can have a sleeping platform in a moment or bring the kitchen kit up to working level, or whatever you need to do.  Take a shower, flip, click, fully curtained shower is right there.  Heated shower, that is. There's a lot going on here, much more than just clever storage boxes.

I know. You got this far and you're going, "What's the price, bro?" I make no typo here: it's just slightly more than $8200, FOB Switzerland. Hey!  Tax free!

Pick up your jaw, you look pathetic. Like I said, you gotta hand it to Perakis. He's selling this baby on value, comparing the cost of an entire RV with this unit because it comes with everything said RV has, yet slides right into your own vehicle.  He's got a point. And, well, good for him for asking a price that says he's serious about his product. Of course, current status of the U.S. dollar value to Swiss franks doesn't help.

Mario Donovan - designer and builder of niché market off highway trailers and campers for Adventure Trailers - is no stranger to the high costs of manufacturing a specialized product that practically thinks for itself. He used the word "ambitious" when he contributed to the conversation. That's a nice way to put it.

The video is worth every second:

The beta:

(With thanks to Autoblog)


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