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What Everybody Should Know About GCI Outdoors Camp Chairs

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"Mark, your chair broke," so claimed a camp chum who usurped said chair and placed his beer-drinking ass in it while I was cooking dinner. Yeah, you get the picture?  I was cooking his meal and he broke my chair.

Then he just handed it back.  The dejection on his face was crying, ". . . it almost killed me!  My lawyer will be in touch," but his mouth was saying, "By the way, do you have another chair I can use? And when will dinner be ready? I'm hungry."

The chair is a GCI Outdoors brand Xpress Lounger (external link), watch it in all its coolness in the 22-second video above.  See, I bought two of these because they fold small and they're made with a strong steel frame. It's not a chair you'd buy for $6.  Oh no.  They run about $40 each. Because of that, I schemed and pondered a way to fix the seat all the way home from that trip. It occurred to me to call GCI Outdoors to see if the company had a method of repairing their chairs.

This is where it gets interesting.

"So, can I repair this chair somehow?  Or am I better off buying a new one?" I asked.

"Actually, that chair has a lifetime warranty on it. Your replacement chair will have the same warranty, too."

Geez. Sometimes it pays to read the paperwork that comes with a product you buy. The friendly rep on the phone, who will remain anonymous, told me what I needed to do - just the usual, and understandable, hoops you have to jump through to prove you're a real customer with a real problem.  Surely you've been down this road before as I have: cutting through the red tape of warranties that exist between you and a free replacement only to be left hanging with a foul taste in the mouth because you received no response at all. It happens, yes.

Not this time. In what seemed like record time my UPS delivery man waltzed into my office as he always does and said, "Hey, Mark got one for you today." I looked at the box and smiled. I hugged him.

GCI Outdoors pulled through on their lifetime warranty.  Fantastic. If you need a reason to do business, this is one of them. Now I can get back to the serious business for which good camping chairs were designed. See right.


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# dave 2010-11-08 09:27
dude that's awesome they stand behind thier stuff
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John B.
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# John B. 2010-11-08 15:26
I had a similar experience with a North Face sleeping bag zipper. They hooked me up no problem. Thumbs up for great companies!!!
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