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Teaching The Alphabet: Seth Neilson Has A New Idea

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Seth Neilson's alpinist ABC poster for teaching the ABCsWhen your little future belay slave sings, "Now I know my ABCs, / Next time won't you sing with me?" your heart has a whole new reason to melt.

You can thank Seth Neilson for it.

On Thursday, we talked about Mountain Mama's onesies, which show some sweet, suave art that doesn't try too hard but gets the message across. Just like what you're seeing here on the left.

I learned that the illustrations are by Seth Neilson, a designer from Jackson, Wyoming - and a father of four. In addition to the onesies, he's making 18"x24" posters of all 26 letters in several outdoor adventure themes: climbing, cycling, paddling, hiking, etc.

Deck out your kid's room:

Now, let's see how I do naming the visible letters here:

b = bivvy, bivouac
c = carabiner
d = descend
e = Everest (double points for Edmund Hillary?)
f = fall
h = helmet
i = ice ax
j = jam
k = knot
l = lie back (or is it lay back? Calling John Long . . .)
n = nut
o = offwidth
p =piton
q = quickdraw
r = rope

Awesome. I've still got it. Holla.

Disclaimer:  I got nothing for free for posting this. That includes money. Read about my editorial ethics.


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# Tim 2010-12-28 19:18
D is actually dulfersitz, and F is fucked.

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