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Cool Find: Hand Made Guitar Strap Evokes Outdoor Adventure

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One of the things I happen to believe about parenting - and part of what adventure travel helps to do - is teaching my child about craftsmanship and humanity and culture and art. Some of the simplest things in your house need not be mass-produced, imported-from-China goods. People, hard working skilled people, make things with their own two hands, a bit of skill, and, when you're fortunate enough for it, a whole bunch of love.

When I bought my first guitar a couple of months ago, I needed a strap to go with it. I thought about it for a few days.  "Hmmm, should I get one with 3" spikes? Or machine gun bullets? Or naked lady silhouettes stamped into black leather?"

But those thoughts didn't last long.  What I knew I wanted was something hand made. So I spent another three days searching the hand made goods at for straps when I found this funky beauty. It was not the appearance that appealed to me - truthfully, it's a little feminine, but I'm secure enough. Why I bought it, though, was this description that knew me like an old friend:

Our Yellow Star Pattern invokes images of summer time night hikes.

Mark hooked. Whamo. Summer night hikes? Frankly, there is nothing like a night hike. You want to impress a girl?  Take her on a night hike, a good one. Little tip from the dusty archives of Mark's dating tricks. More down to Earth, I recall a couple of camping nights when Chloe was still not even a year old and she'd sometimes wake up crying in the night.  She was always pretty easy to quiet down by taking her for a walk outside. I felt like I was actually pretty good at calming her, but it was most likely the sky, the air, the trees, and the wilderness that did the real magic. Our summer time night hike.

Anyway, I read no further, clicked "add to cart" and made reckless abandon for the credit card.

I feel like I really need to stretch things to connect this guitar strap back to the concept of this blog, so cut me some slack.  Hope you're cool with this. We didn't buy it on a sweet adventure backroad trip; nope. But it did come mailed in a hand made envelope of a recycled world map - there's your adventure.

Hand made guitar strap store:


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# Nathan 2011-01-24 16:58
The wrapping and note alone are enough cause to post this. Sweet find!
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