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A Digital Camera That Just Might Be Impossible for Your Kids to Destroy

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I don't know.  What's worse torture for your camera?  Under the tire of a truck, or in the hands of a 7 year-old boy? Dirt encrusted on his cheeks, grass stains on one knee, a full-blown rip in the other. Back away from my camera, kid.

However, this one might be okay.

Next month this SeaLife Mini II camera is going to hit the street. That rubber armor protects the camera from 6-foot falls. It's actually designed with water sports in mind, so it's depth tested waterproof to 130 feet. It has indestructible written all over it.

Sure, it'll shoot video - but not HD, which is amazingly common in little cameras these days. Minor quibble? You decide. However, I can't decide if the two AAA batteries it requires is a good thing or not.  She'll snap 100 frames on alkaline batteries, or around 500 on lithium juice. The big questions about photo quality and in-hand reaction remain unanswered until any of us actually fire off some frames.

Sealife camera for adventure photography


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