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Cool Find: The Fanciful Outdoor Art of Katie Daisy

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We're on the tail end of a tiling project at our house right now that's kept us locked in suburbia and indebted to Home Depot's foresight to build a store just a mile and some change from our front door. I've spent all hours of the clock on my knees lately. A good portion of spring has escaped, though I promised myself last summer that I'd abandon everything this April and May to spend weekends hiking and biking to locate and shoot my best blooming saguaro photo. Never happened. But not all is lost. I've mastered the caulk gun.

While these house projects are fun and necessary, they're not always without their ballooning budgets, midnight crises, or schedule disasters.  So it's nice to have, at least as far as I'm concerned, some tokens of inspiration, or some things to awaken us about the world outside our own walls, decorated all around our house. I bought the print you see above from Katie Daisy, an illustrator in Asheville, North Carolina, because, well, it's awesome. It's the "anywhere" part that caught me the most. Let's go anywhere any way we can.

The day before we started the tile project, this print appeared in the mailbox. It's an 8"x10" print, so I found a handsome frame, and my wife hung it on the wall in our daughter's room. Chloe even humored me by saying, "That's cool, Papa."

Katie Daisy's art is all about rural fresh air, outdoors, and the spontaneous fun we find in adventure travel - if you'll let me put it in a box with a label. Take a look at her other samples below, and you too might like the way she draws a connection between the outdoors and adventure and the people we love.  She starts by painting with watercolor, then makes inkjet prints so the likes of you and me can enjoy her whimsical, cheerful work in our homes.

Take a look:


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# Seth 2011-06-03 18:29
So cool. This made my Friday!
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Ernie Ruiz
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# Ernie Ruiz 2011-06-04 18:34
Very nice post, I think I will go check her site out. I need to go somewhere too! The AZ sun may be a little less harsh if I ramble north. I hope you can get out.
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