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The $20 Answer to the $1000 12v Fridge: Recycled Cardboard Cooler Box

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Yes, cardboard box. What? Why are you laughing?

Because I receive a good number of emails about our 12-volt fridge/freezer that we have in our truck, I posted earlier five things you should know about fridges to help answer the usual questions. I know and understand that an $800+ fridge inside the ol' family ride just isn't in the cards for most folks, so it came as quite  a surprise when, as I was working on that article, an email slid into my inbox introducing me to this sustainably-minded cardboard cooler from Boutique Cascades.

You read that right. Cardboard. I heard that chuckle, you.

Stick with me. Here's the interesting thing about this cardboard box cooler. Cascades produces this box out of 70% recycled material that comes only from Canada and the United States, and the box itself is recyclable, of course. The cardboard is reportedly water repellent but not wax coated. Instead, it has  NorShield coating, which is neither wax nor chemical, that allows the cardboard to resist humidity, repel water, and still be repulped and recycled. The question is, if it's neither of those, then what is it? Unknown for now.

Cascades e-boutique director Marc-Henri Faure tells us the box can easily handle 6 outings of keeping your snacks cold with bags of ice inside. The magic ingredient on the interior uses ThermaFresh™ technology, which is both a barrier between the cardboard and the goods, and how the box keeps cool.

What it lacks in life, it makes up for in reward. When you've used her up, recycle the box and you've contributed to sustainability in a small way.

Get yours here

Disclosure: I received nothing - no cash, no credit, no free goods - for posting this. Check out our editorial ethics if you're curious. 


Ernie Ruiz
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# Ernie Ruiz 2011-07-17 11:13
Hmmmm..I think this would be okay in a pinch but if you already have a reusable cooler I think that would be a better choice.
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# Pamela 2011-08-22 21:39
I agree with you1 Regular igloo or something is fine.
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# Bill 2011-07-18 10:30
It's a box.
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