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Cool Find: Patagonia Atom Sling Diaper Bag for Adventure Seeking Parents

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sling diaper bag patagonia atom

We've written about the wonders of sling bags for the ultimate outdoor adventure diaper bag before. It all started with the JJ Cole sling diaper bag (link) because we owned one and loved it. Sadly you can't buy them any more. JJ Cole cut it from their product line and the only thing that soothes our heartache is our unrelenting quest for a similarly awesome, good looking, functional sling bag. Then we found the Overland Equipment Shasta Sling (link), a great looking bag. But the hunt continues if only because I find satisfaction in the chase.

The beauty of sling bags is that they don't need to be labeled "diaper bag" by the maker. It's just serendipity that their size, minimal compartments of just-right size, general ruggedness and sophisticated appearance render them perfect for the job. A sling stays out of the way on your back while remaining close by and being quick to get into. Slings are the sort of bag, too, that work for an easy creek side stroll on a spring morning, a Saturday afternoon bike ride, or a jaunt to the grocery store because odds are you're not going to need much more than a single spare diaper and that precious pack of wipes in an hour. Get the right color and even dads will be stoked to use the bag when they're pulling solo duty.

Patagonia's Atom sling bag scores some big points. Principally, it's made by Patagonia. For certain people that says enough. The bag is finished in Patagonia's own water resistant Deluge® DWR that lasts. Two main zippered pockets give you sufficient space for a small changing pad, pack of wipes and a couple of diapers, and the pocket on the shoulder strap is just barely large enough to accept an iPhone, depending on the model. But sure, stash your car keys and lip balm in there. The Atom isn't cavernous, and some may find it just a hair too small. But keeping yourself weighed down with just the essentials and no more while going hands free is a beautiful, if not practical, thing. For quick outings or as your wee one grows up, you need to carry less — and you want to carry less.

You'll look good, too. That counts for something. Or more than something.

Patagonia might not have any clue at all that their Atom sling bag likely makes a very fine diaper bag for a grinning outdoorsy parent like yourself. Let them know by buying one. Add a small changing pad, bottle if you need it, wipes, and a diaper or two.

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# lindsey 2012-01-19 12:07
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# b. 2012-01-19 23:06
ooooh i love this except the pink!! great idea and a cute bag in the white/blue!!
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# Mark 2012-01-19 23:16
If it helps, they actually call it "magenta." You're in the clear!
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