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Bold, Whimsical Femininity Found on Rossignol Skis and Snowboard by Artist Caia Koopman

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Caia Koopman created the art on these skis and snowboard from Rossignol. She's a lowbrow artist contracted by Oakley, Rossignol and a few gear makers to create signature designs, and as you can see her work is bold, assured, and whimsical. Much like the 4-year-old girl I raise, if I may inject that. You try getting her bathed, brushed, chilled out with a book and finally to bed and you'll see for yourself. I need a drink just thinking about it.

The line of Rossignol boards and skis is significant not just because of the fanciful feminine artwork, but also because we get to know that there's a person, not just a brand, behind the art. It's no big secret that art is increasingly a thing we like to have wrapped around our gear; form being, arguably, as important as function. And perhaps it comes with little thought or care about how or why the art, design, or style was made. Think about it. If you're looking at buying a new chalk bag good chance the pretty picture wrapped around it holds the key to your final decision. I recently bought a new road bike available in three different colors, and I asked my daughter which one she thought looked better and bought that one. Right, wrong or otherwise we consumers put a lot of authority on the appearance of our gear, sometimes more authority than we put on the performance.

Much of Koopman's art is motivated by the elegance and beauty and independence of the female spirit. It's thought-provoking in the least. And that is a positive thing to see in a piece of adventure equipment aimed at young girls.

Get the board or skis from your nearest Rossignol dealer.

Caia Koopman also makes snazzy iPad and iPhone cases:

Or canvas prints:


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