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Cool Find: "No Touch" T-Shirts for Kids Shows Poisonous Plants To Avoid

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Before you declare the "No Touch" slogan a touch preachy or smug, give me a moment of your time. Teresa Delfin, founder of the active maternity wear company Mountain Mama (yes, you know the one), together with her 3-year-old son coined the idea for this shirt last summer while hiking. Weekly they'd trek their favorite trail, Icehouse Canyon, which is conveniently home to poison oak and stinging nettle. A couple of nasty suckers you don't want to touch. So every week was more than a hike among pines and blue skies but also a lesson about which plants to watch out for. So you have to envision a little dude with a toddler's command of language pointing at a suspicious plant and quizzing, "No touch?"

He learned. And as you can imagine, by the end of summer the little guy beamed with authority and took to warning oncoming hiker traffic with "No touch!" It's just too cute, isn't it?

The artwork comes from the crafty hands of Seth Neilson, the same gent who designed the fantastic and well-loved Outdoor Alphabet infant onesies, also offered by Mountain Mama.

As always, this tee is made in the U.S.A. with organic cotton.

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Bonus? I once went on a hike with some friends in a canyon known to have poison oak, and I was far too careless. I didn't even realize that I had made contact with the plant. But five days after the hike, hell broke loose on my shins and then the tops of my hands. It burned and itched for over a week. So, you know, no touch.

Poison oak rash


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