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Cool Find: National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

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You can thank the folks at the National Geographic Society for delivering this bimonthly dose of super cute to your preschooler. Every other month a new issue comes out and lands in your mailbox — which is a welcome break in the same old bedtime books that you (painfully?) have on repeat. Each issue is about 24 pages, and just 6"x6" or so and bridges the gap between cuteness and the realities of wildlife. Inside you and your little one will learn some fun facts about animals, such as why does an elephant have a long trunk? Why do dogs have padded feet? Did you know there are 5,000 kinds of ladybugs? And yes, ring-tailed lemurs, much like they're portrayed in the movie Madagascar, are social critters. Then you get to play a couple of games like comparing two almost identical pictures to find what's different, and each issue contains a fun language exercise to help get children on the road to learning to read.

In short: fun facts, adorable pictures. $15.00 per year.

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Disclosure: we received nothing in exchange for sharing and promoting this, and frankly we pay for our subscription. This column, Cool Find, is here to share things we find . . . cool.


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