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Cool Find: Foxwing Awning by Rhino-Rack

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You ever notice how you gravitate to a tree or a cover when you want to do something as simple as chill after a hike or picnic along a Forest Service road? Maybe there's a better way to hunt for shade. Maybe the better way is not to hunt at all, but just bring it with you. If that's possible, the better way had also better be pretty easy to set up and take down . . . and maybe it really is all of these things.

The Foxwing awning makes 100-square-feet worth of shaded cover around the side and back of your vehicle in 270 degrees for the ultimate kick back area for the fam. Cleverly hinged at one joint, setting up the Foxwing awning is a one person effort and a fairly easy one at that. The unit also comes with telescoping poles and guy lines to use in windy conditions, but they're not necessary when the air is calm.

I'm thinking one can expect longevity out of this, too: it's all aluminum and waterproof ripstop canvas so it won't rust, it won't leak. It's also UV protected.

The awning comes in two varieties, one that attaches to the right side of your vehicle, or one to the left side. You do have to make your choice before buying as it's not a flip-flop kind of deal.

When it's all folded up, the whole thing is an 8-foot-long prong on the side of your vehicle but only 2.5" wide. The Foxwing even comes with hardware that attaches to Rhino-Rack roof rack, but don't worry if you have Thule or Yakima bars. An additional fitting kit sold separately has hardware for attaching to load bars as close as 32" apart or more.

It doesn't quite end there, either. You can pick up some extensions to make a wall, which really maximizes the shade and provides some privacy space should you want it for taking a camp shower or changing into your swimsuit. 2-year warranty means it's likely a pretty sweet buy.

I'm thinking you've got the popular hangout for those multi-family camping trips right here. It's like having your own Baja palapa. Gather, drink, eat, and be merry.

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# Swizen 2012-06-20 12:49
It's even great for any outdoor camp and for some collective family gatherings that we sometimes feel to have. It's portable which is a great advantage for it's owner for they can bring it on almost everywhere.
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