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Cool Find: The Better Way To Cuddle — NEMO Tango Duo Sleeping Bag

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More than one passerby of this space didn't let me get away with suggesting that a mighty fine air mattress could pass for bonafide camping equipment. The resounding rejections pointed right at how cold and unreliable air mattresses are. Well, in fairness, George Costanza once quipped in an episode of Seinfeld, "You can't stop science!" Technology changes with time, constantly riding on the shoulders of giants. Maybe you recall a time when sleeping bags were made of cotton — whaddya think of that now? So, you know, in 2012 I think, think, we can give a snazzy new air pad a half shake. I mean, damn, you can surf the waves of the internet on a little plastic thing that fits in your hand, takes pictures, makes phone calls, and plays Angry Birds anytime you feel the first slight pangs of boredom. Perhaps there could be some sophisticated manufacturers of camping gear that are putting science to use and making great improvements in air cushioning in camping gear.

That brings us to the NEMO Tango Duo sleeping bag . . . thing. If nothing else, you can clearly see the great advantage to the Tango Duo, emphasized in its name and pictured above. The Tango Duo isn't an air mattress, but a new take on the ol' sleeping bag. NEMO calls it a backless comforter. It mates up to NEMO's Cosmo or Tuo inflatable pads (which ever you want) for the ultimate deluxe backcountry bed for two certified sweetie snugglers under 6' tall who want the width of a queen size bed. Tucking in a way that traps in the warmth, even at your precious toes and head, and using high-performance fabrics and insulation, the whole system promises to be comfortable, reliable, cozy, and lightweight. Indeed, it sleeps two for the weight penalty of one, 2lbs 12 oz, and packs down to just 10"x14". To some, that's worth the price of admission alone. 

Personally, I put no price on the joys of cuddling . . .

Beware of casting this off as cute glamping gear. NEMO puts their products to test in the paws of real adventurers and athletes who paddle, climb, trek, and travel in the Himalayas, the Arctic, Patagonia, and all corners between. Kate Ketschek from NEMO tells us, "NEMO has been trying to bring the comforts of home into more and more of its products, while challenging ourselves as designers to keep those products lightweight. There's nothing that says comfort has to equal less technical or heavy. It's just how hard we push ourselves as designers to solve the problem." It should be obvious that NEMO aims to make performance gear, not just pretty gear. Fret not, it's — what's the word? — reassuringly expensive and backed up with a lifetime warranty.

Here's the rub. The Tango Duo won't be in stores until 2013. However, NEMO is making a limited short production run of the Tango Duo and other new sleeping bags. You can reserve now and have in September 2012, long before anyone else. It'll come numbered with a limited edition label and signed letter from NEMO.

Get the info:

NEMO Tango Duo sleeping bag system

NEMO Tango Duo sleeping bag system

NEMO Tango Duo sleeping bag system

NEMO Tango Duo sleeping bag system


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