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Cool Find: Another Way to Keep Track of Kid's Gear — Labels from Name Bubbles

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When summer camp season hits, out come the Sharpies because we want our kid's stuff to come home again and a parent's only line of defense is administered by heavy gauge felt tip marker. But hold on. Don't lump these new labels from Name Bubbles in with the classic, if prosaic, method of raw Sharpie. They promise to do a little more. They're waterproof, weatherproof, and resist the other liquids of summer like sunscreen and bug spray, assuring they got this adhering-action on lock for the season. Dishwasher safe, too, for those water bottles you want to label. As if things couldn't get any better, peel and stick to put them in place. Quick, easy, and resilient.

And cute. The camp pack of labels comes in one of three different styles that you choose, and comes with either 102 or 108 labels (depending on the style) and 7 different sizes. The choices are dizzying, though: 20 color palettes, and just about 70 icons from critters to firetrucks to Tinker Bells, a numerous design options. For $38.88 they come custom printed with your child's name and emergency contact numbers that you specify, and are mailed right to your door.

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Pierre Angela Cruz
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# Pierre Angela Cruz 2014-01-31 02:19
ABLT Label company can also do this for you guys of adventurepartne rs. Maybe you want to try their services and to see which one is better but then the Name bubble is a good one. You may check the ABLT website
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