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Cool Find: Surfer Girl Baseball Tee by Roxy

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roxy surfer girl tee

My little girl started kindergarten just a couple of weeks ago, and, man, talk about one small step for her, one giant leap for her parents. If you've been there, you understand. You understand what it's like to make the drop off on the first day then drive away from the school, make one turn into traffic, proceed to think about what your child looked like sitting at a little desk for the first time and having to learn to behave within a group of other children — and then you wrestle with the urge to pull over and "have a moment." Wow! What a surge of emotions and the keen beginnings of a slow slicing sever that'll complete on the eve of high school graduation or the day she moves into her dorm room or first apartment. Severed in one way, and yet connected in another. As of this week, it's never been so clear that I'm raising a girl who will most defintely grow up, go through phases of eye-rolling toward me, then move out . . . or worse, move away.

But let's not go there today. Let's get to the point of this surfer girl tee. My daughter goes to a charter school, a place that teaches "classic education." She has to wear a uniform, which has been a tough one for her because she loves her old dresses. Her butterfly dresses, polka dot dresses, stripey dresses, spinny dresses; they are all nearly retired because they aren't the school uniform. Another severing, because she used to demand dressing herself in the morning so she could pick out her own dress. That's gone away with the big change of going to school in a uniform.

This series is called "Cool Find" for products that we find cool. Simple concept. This surfer girl tee is a basic shirt from the girls and young women's surfing brand Roxy. None in our family surf, but what I see in this is a small celebration, or maybe a reminder, of affording little girls and young ladies a little space and freedom to become who they will become. Maybe I'm naïve, but today the artwork on this shirt strikes me as being more than cute. It's a gentle statement regarding parenthood.

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