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Cool Find: Evolv Venga Kids' Rock Climbing Shoe

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evolv venga kids climbing shoe review

Little kids are plenty happy scrambling and climbing in their own regular tennis shoes, even on top-roped climbs, but older or more advanced scaling sprouts may decide they want real climbing shoes like mom or dad. There's a smattering of shoe manufacturers making rock climbing shoes just for children, and U.S.A.-based Evolv is one of them with the Venga Kids's shoe. It's a unisex shoe, save for the boys who think yellow's not cool and the girls who find the lack pink like, um, totally unconscionable. The Venga follows Evolv's line with sticky TRAX® soles, and come easy to slip on and off with the single hook-and-loop strap on top. Evolv also understands the parent's fright when clothes ding the budget, and they have an answer. The adjustable heel strap modifies by a whole shoe size, which means your growing kids ought to be able to get two, maybe three, seasons out of the Venga. And a pair only runs about $45, a heck of a price for a sticky and comfy climbing shoe.

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evolv venga kids climbing shoe review

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