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Cool Find: Classic Down Vest for Boys by Eddie Bauer

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eddie bauer down vest boys classic outdoor kids clothing

After all these years of technological advances and the introduction of synthetic fibers, not much can beat the natural insulation of goose down. That's why it's been used for untold years. The soft plumage forms a layer under the feathers of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl to keep them warm and dry, and doesn't have hard quills like feathers do, making it a dang fine insulator in all sorts of goods like sleeping bags, bed comforters, and jackets. This sweet classic vest just for boys is a scaled down men's version and uses goose down for insulation and the exterior vibes out with the studly smolder of Marty McFly. In the real world, vests are ideal for layering in the cold, especially as autumn tips into winter, and this one is lightweight enough for use in mild weather year-round too. As you surely know, boys will be boys: young lads running free in the outdoors inflict punishments on their clothing, but the rugged polyester shell ought to hold up well. The durable shell also lets you machine wash this vest rather than dry cleaning it; a major plus. The hand warmer pockets are zippered without much frill. Just some ultra-cool throwback style and A+ function for your squirt.

Not bad for just $40.

Check it out >>>

Or get the adult version for yourself instead >>>


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