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Cool Find: Fleece Bunting Keeps Halflings Warm in Cold Camping

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Look, as we all know, if you're stranded on an island with your small children the one and only answer to the old question "if you could only bring one thing, what would it be?" is a magical bottomless supply of tasty snacks. If you get push-back for that bottomless business, fine, change it to something way more realistic like a pirate's treasure chest full of tasty snacks.

But what if it's not an island? What if it's real life and it's winter? Easy. Then the one answer, at least for the infants and wee ones, is the cozy bunting. In most cases, the path to a happy child beelines through his belly, but the wintery cold throws a road block in things. No mound of cookies can help when it's dang cold outside. (Not that I've tried, noooooo.)   Keep 'em warm, keep 'em fed, put snazzy fleece spikes on their noggins and they will should be happy. Depends on your stash-o-snacks after that. The world of buntings is just about endless from budget friendly fleece versions like you see here to down-filled reversible types. Single-piece, zipper (no buttons or snaps), cute hood all add up to best bang for your buck in warmth. The main question is do you want stegosaurous spikes or not?

Girls' fleece bunting by Columbia >>>
Boys' fleece bunting by Columbia >>>
Reversible bunting by Patagonia >>>

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