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Cool Find: SHREDLY Women's Cycling Shorts Pack Performance and Panache

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shredly ladies shorts jerseys mountain biking
photo by Shawn O'Connor

Are the usual cycling shorts and jerseys straight up disappointingly ugly and uncomfortable to women? That's what Ashely Rankin thought.

"Mountain biking is awesome, but the selection of riding apparel for women is not. It has a terrible case of the B's — black, boring, baggy and made for boys."

So the native Coloradan and mountain biker set out to make her own line of cycling shorts with unmatched comfort, performance and style — something more like the flattering fit and feel you get with board shorts, girly and badass (as if the two are separable . . .).

shredly mountain biking shorts for women
photo by Jay Goodrich

Rankin spent months researching the right materials that would perform and promise comfort to ladies. She then crafted up eight snazzy designs, used a soft chamois where it counts (ahem, down there), and then crowdsourced $25,000 for start-up capital through a Kickstarter campaign early this year.

And SHREDLY was born.

While the company is in its infancy, it's focusing on delivering to ladies who ride something they haven't had before. That is, excellent shorts and jerseys that feel good and look good. They aim to be unlike any other that's on the market.

  • Relaxed but flattering fit that won't be mistaken by the boys
  • Durable & slightly stretchy fabric
  • Contoured waistband for extended back coverage
  • Gusseted crotch for ease of movement and extra comfort in the saddle
  • Side pocket to stash your essentials
  • Eight splashy color varieties
  • Made right here in the U.S.A.

That's the product. If nothing else, this is a fine story about entrepreneurism and small business in America. That's worth something.

Sorry, the shorts aren't cheap, and that's by design — notice all those words above drilling into the matter. But you'd be challenged to find a cycling short as unique, charming, and enjoyable as these. Jot it down as a gift idea for a lovely lady you know.

Online Store: SHREDLY


shredly shorts designs
photo by Shawn O'Connor

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# Sara 2012-11-09 11:00
Love those designs
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Jen Charrette
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# Jen Charrette 2013-01-06 06:36
I think I'll have to try those out!
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