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Cool Find: Helle Knives with Beautiful Wood Handles

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It's got to be hard to be a knife maker and stand out from the crowd. When you want to buy a knife, you have thousands and thousands of good ones to choose from (and even more bad ones . . .), so selecting a skewer isn't as much about which one is the best as much as which one speaks to you. I bought this Helle some time ago simply because I liked the handle. The Norwegian knife maker is respected aplenty for its dedication to crafting by hand and use of exceptional steel. All of that is well and good, but what opened my wallet was that the handle felt so solid and stout in my hands. That's partly because this is a fixed blade, not a folding one, with a full push tang peened snugly in place at the end and nothing but carefully shaped and oiled birch touches my skin. It's a great feeling.

It came so razor sharp that it inspired (read: forced) me to get more intimate with my sharpening skills so as to maintain the edge respectably. Whether I'm there or not is debatable. The Helle also came with a beautiful tanned leather sheath, not plastic or synthetic. Dare I call it organic. Nevertheless, the whole knife is gorgeous, carefully made, and an indispensable tool with a no-nonsense straight blade.

While camping on the beach in Mexico recently, a local fisherman gifted us with a large, fresh grouper he'd just plucked from the Sea of Cortez. Though my knife is not a filleting knife, I was the only one in our clan who had a knife in good enough condition to do the work of cleaning, beheading, and slicing off bone-free chunks of meat. It's a satisfying feeling, let me tell you.

You need a good knife. That's not just internet lip service. There is just no substitute for a good, sharp knife and you'll know it when you finally put one to use in your own paws to slice up some apples or get that dang bag of marshmallows popped open at campfire time (those can't be the only uses for a knife, right?). Don't screw around, just a non-serrated, fixed blade does what you need it to do. And the way I see it, a good knife may as well have a beautiful handle on it, like the kind you'll find on a Helle. Take a look at a few of the exquisite choices below. No, they're not cheap, but they are reasonable.

Helle Knives >>>

helle knives beautiful wood handles

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