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Cool Find: Camelbak Bite Valve Replacements

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camelbak valve replacement kids water bottle

To the blissfully ignorant non-parent, replacement bite valves for Camelbak bottles and reservoirs aren't worth the pixels to talk about. Why would they ever need to be replaced? But to you, me, and other parents the story is way different. Go ahead, raise your hand if your greasy, precious spawn haven't chewed right through a bite valve on their water bottles, or worse, yours. It happens to us all. For reasons unknown, little kids love the feeling of biting down on squishy, resilient silicone until they shred holes through it. If your kids haven't destroyed a bite valve or two, you must be raising perfect angels. Can I send my kids to spend a weekend with you?

Nevertheless, it might be obvious or it might not so I may as well fling it out there. Replacement valves are as close as your nearest gear shop. Multi-packs, multi-colors, all bottles, all reservoirs, just a few bucks. Just a friendly reminder.

Or get 'em at REI >>>

camelbak valve replacement kids water bottles

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# michelle 2013-03-28 11:01
Yes! After trekking to the sporting goods store 7 times in one summer for replacements on my husbands Camelbak, he finally just ordered a bunch in bulk. We'll NEVER need that many, but he was done dealing with that. It was always pretty funny, though, to see him get soaked from water coming out the bite hole before he realized it :)
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Mark Stephens
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# Mark Stephens 2013-03-28 16:39
Bulk . . . now there's an idea.
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