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Cool Find: Osprey Poco Child Carrier Backpack

Child carriers and backpacks are not all that new, but you probably knew that already. The entirety of human history all over the globe show examples of slings, pouches and cradle boards used for hands-free baby transport. However, in 20th-century U.S.A., child carriers were absolutely non-existent. That changed in 1968 with a young Peace Corps volunteer named Ann Moore who witnessed the women in Africa carrying babies and infants in slings on their backs. Moore eventually returned from her service in West Africa, started her own family, and having loved the idea of keeping a hands-free active life while keeping her baby snuggled against her body, she went to the store to buy a baby sling. She couldn't find one, so she designed her own soft carrier, called it the Snugli (link) and practically launched an entire industry.

Kelty came along in 1992 with their iconic kid backpack and you could say the trails of the National Park system haven't been the same since.

And now there's a new, fancier, snazzier pack on the street from Osprey . . .

Cool Find: Fleece Bunting Keeps Halflings Warm in Cold Camping

columbia fleece bunting baby camping clothes warm

Look, as we all know, if you're stranded on an island with your small children the one and only answer to the old question "if you could only bring one thing, what would it be?" is a magical bottomless supply of tasty snacks. If you get push-back for that bottomless business, fine, change it to something way more realistic like a pirate's treasure chest full of tasty snacks.

But what if it's not an island? What if it's real life and it's winter?  . . .

Cool Find: SHREDLY Women's Cycling Shorts Pack Performance and Panache

shredly ladies shorts jerseys mountain biking
photo by Shawn O'Connor

Are the usual cycling shorts and jerseys straight up disappointingly ugly and uncomfortable to women? That's what Ashely Rankin thought.

"Mountain biking is awesome, but the selection of riding apparel for women is not. It has a terrible case of the B's — black, boring, baggy and made for boys."

So the native Coloradan and mountain biker set out to make her own line of cycling shorts with unmatched comfort, performance and style — this is what she came up with. Check out the rest of the story.

Cool Find: Classic Down Vest for Boys by Eddie Bauer

eddie bauer down vest boys classic outdoor kids clothing

After all these years of technological advances and the introduction of synthetic fibers, not much can beat the natural insulation of goose down. That's why it's been used for untold years. The soft plumage forms a layer under the feathers of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl to keep them warm and dry, and doesn't have hard quills like feathers do, making it a dang fine insulator in all sorts of goods like sleeping bags, bed comforters, and jackets.

Cool Find: Surfer Girl Baseball Tee by Roxy

roxy surfer girl tee

My little girl started kindergarten just a couple of weeks ago, and, man, talk about one small step for her, one giant leap for her parents. If you've been there, you understand. You understand what it's like to make the drop off on the first day then drive away from the school, make one turn into traffic, proceed to think about what your child looked like sitting at a little desk for the first time and having to learn to behave within a group of other children — and then you wrestle with the urge to pull over and "have a moment." Wow! What a surge . . .

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