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Cool Find: Eddie Bauer Adventurer® Field Bag

There's a good chance that putting stores in shopping malls dings the reputation of a brand that's been around since the 1930s and originally known for it's quality outerwear for sportsmen. Long before its stores showed up in malls, Eddie Bauer outerwear was respected by serious, demanding adventurers. In fact, Eddie Bauer outfitted numerous Himalayan expeditions in the 1950s and 1960s when the historical first ascents were happening in the region.

Cool Find: Another Way to Keep Track of Kid's Gear — Labels from Name Bubbles

When summer camp season hits, out come the Sharpies because we want our kid's stuff to come home again and a parent's only line of defense is administered by heavy gauge felt tip marker. But hold on. Don't lump these new labels from Name Bubbles in with the classic, if prosaic, method of raw Sharpie. They promise to do a little more . . .

Magnestick Keeps Kids from Falling from Chairlifts

Fortunately, it's a very rare event that a child falls from a ski resort chairlift. But it does happen. At Hidden Valley in Wisconsin earlier this year, a father luckily caught his son sliding off of a chairlift, but couldn't pull him up and had to drop the boy into the arms of rescuers some 25 feet below (story and photos here). It happens elsewhere, and sadly there have been some fatalities. Rare, yes.

And a few resorts are installing technology to prevent it . . .

Cool Find: prAna Pepper Satchel

If shoes make the outfit, the bag makes the woman, so they say. My wife once had a small vibrant hand-woven satchel made by Tibetan monks, and for reasons not entirely clear, she always appeared a few notches lovelier when she carried that bag — so says me. Though prAna products aren't crafted by Tibetan monks, they do unearth a similar world-beat intensity. The 20-year-old company's product line, which is primarily athletic-fit clothing, boasts spicy colors, energetic style and environmentally conscious materials.

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