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Cool Find: The Better Way To Cuddle — NEMO Tango Duo Sleeping Bag

More than one passerby of this space didn't let me get away with suggesting that a mighty fine air mattress could pass for bonafide camping equipment. The resounding rejections pointed right at how cold and unreliable air mattresses are.

That brings us to the NEMO Tango Duo sleeping bag . . . thing. If nothing else, you can clearly see the great advantage to the Tango Duo, emphasized in its name and pictured above. The Tango Duo isn't an air mattress, but a new take on the ol' sleeping bag. NEMO calls it a backless comforter. It mates up to NEMO's Cosmo or Tuo inflatable pads (which ever you want) for the ultimate deluxe backcountry bed for two certified sweetie snugglers under 6' tall who want the width of a queen size bed. Tucking in a way that traps in the warmth, even at your precious toes and head, and using high-performance fabrics the whole system promises to be comfortable, reliable, cozy, and lightweight. indeed, it sleeps two for the weight penalty of one: 2lbs 12 oz. To some, that's worth the price of admission alone.

Personally, I put no price on the ability to cuddle . . .

Design Your Own Boardshorts from Quiksilver

With Father's Day just around the bend, here's a little idea that'd put a grin on some dads' faces. Quiksilver offers custom designed boardshorts through their website—users simply jump on, pick a style, length, waist size, some colors for each panel, pocket, waistband and even the thread. For extra fun you can add up to 13 letters of embroidery on the pocket. Something like "DAD RULES" works almost too nicely. They're sewn by hand right in Huntington Beach, CA . . .

Cool Find: Foxwing Awning by Rhino-Rack

You ever notice how you gravitate to a tree or a cover when you want to do something as simple as chill after a hike or picnic along a Forest Service road? Maybe there's a better way to hunt for shade. Maybe the better way is not to hunt at all, but just bring it with you. If that's possible, the better way had also better be pretty easy to set up and take down . . . and maybe it really is all of these things.

The Foxwing awning makes 100-square-feet worth of shaded cover around the side and back of your vehicle in 270 degrees for the ultimate kick back area for the fam. . .

Cool Find: National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

You can thank the folks at the National Geographic Society for delivering this bimonthly dose of super cute to your preschooler. Every other month a new issue comes out and lands in your mailbox — which is a welcome break in the same old bedtime books that you (painfully?) have on repeat. Each issue is about 24 pages, and just 6"x6" or so and bridges the gap between cuteness and the realities of wildlife. Inside you and your little one . . .

Cool Find: "No Touch" T-Shirts for Kids Shows Poisonous Plants To Avoid

Before you declare the "No Touch" slogan a touch preachy or smug, give me a moment of your time. Teresa Delfin, founder of the active maternity wear company Mountain Mama (yes, you know the one), together with her 3-year-old son coined the idea for this shirt last summer while hiking. Weekly they'd trek their favorite trail, Icehouse Canyon, which is conveniently home to poison oak and stinging nettle. A couple of nasty suckers you don't want to touch. So every week was more than a hike among pines and blue skies but also a lesson about which plants to watch out for. So you have to envision a little dude with a toddler's command of language pointing at a suspicious plant and quizzing, "No touch?"

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