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Cool Find: Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer Promises Cozy, Romantic Get-Away for Parents

If it's one thing Adventure Parents is all about, it's the parents. Not the kids. They're spoiled enough, right? The Sealander amphibious camping trailer just slid into my inbox from a friend, and, the way I see it, it's far too small for a family, but just right for the blissful consenting couple.

It's barely more than a water-going cottage in which you can snuggle up . . .

Cool Find: Alite Monarch Camp Chair - Strange Yet Light, Small, and Smart

Sitting in it is one thing. Getting out of it is another. Meet the Alite Monarch Butterfly Camp Chair

On the list of "Outdoor Product Reviews No One Really Needs," camp chairs are going to be near the top, and they're going to be jockeying for position along with shoes, socks, and water bottles. Give or take. So I figure I'll spare you that and file the Alite Designs Monarch Butterfly Chair in our column known as "Cool Find." Here's why . . .

This Is The Axe My Wife Bought: Snow & Nealley U.S.A. Made Camping Axe

snow nealley ax hudson camping axeSnow & Nealley Hudson Bay Camping Axe

I'm 35 years old and I've never owned an axe until June of this year. Here's why. Last September, my dad and I road tripped to Moab, Utah and once we were there, he decided he needed to get a new axe to dedicate to his Land Rover. For better or worse, we're kind of like this in our family: a set of tools goes in the garage, another set goes in the truck. It's a concept that will forever evade our eye-rolling wives.

The Best Tips on Camping with Babies in 193 Pages

Every parent who wants to get more exercise, keep up with their desire for, say, backpacking, or hit that goal to compete in a triathlon (or insert your own goal), wonders how other parents do it. And the big one, especially for first time parents, is as simple as how do you take a baby camping for the first time? The truth is none of us are experts at this business of juggling family responsibilities with our outdoor pursuits. We're all winging it in different ways because our children are dynamic critters with their own personalities, quirks, and soft spots. And so are we.

Ah! But there's hope, good person. Read on.

Cool Find: Shasta Sling, The Adventure "Diaper" Bag from Overland Equipment

beautiful, cute, awesome sling diaper bag hiking bag from Overland Equipment, Shasta

All good things come to an end, even cute diaper bags. Over a year ago my wife Brooke posted about the JJ Cole sling diaper bag, and since then we get a constant flow of emails from ladies who want to know where the heck to buy one. True, it's an awesome bag that I know my wife's enjoyed and it's possible you've even seen me using it. But it turns out JJ Cole didn't sell enough of them to keep producing the bag (what else would be the reason?).  As far as we're concerned, that's a bummer.

Good news, ladies. We think we've found the fix. Overland Equipment has the answer to your desire for a handy, yet good-looking, sling bag . . .

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