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The $20 Answer to the $1000 12v Fridge: Recycled Cardboard Cooler Box

Yes, cardboard box. What? Why are you laughing?

Because I receive a good number of emails about our 12-volt fridge/freezer that we have in our truck, I posted earlier five things you should know about them to help answer the usual questions. I know and understand that an $800+ fridge inside the ol' family ride just isn't in the cards for most folks, so it came as quite  a surprise when, as I was working on that article, an email slid into my inbox introducing me to this sustainably-minded cardboard cooler from Boutique Cascades.

You read that right. Cardboard. I heard that chuckle, you. Take a look at this thing anyway.

More Heart-Melting Clothing for Your Little Heart-Melting Child

smores icon graphic by Seth Neilson, mountain mama onsie toddler t
Artwork by Seth Neilson

If hanging out outside isn't about food and happiness, then what is it about? I'm sure we all know that the magical combination of graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow is the near-ultimate manifestation of happiness in food. On my list, s'mores rank third after mint chocolate chip ice cream and my wife's homemade brownies, neither of which can we replicate on a campfire. S'mores have the upper hand there.

If you don't know about the outdoor clothing by Mountain Mama, you probably should. In the simplest terms, Mountain Mama creates stylish and functional clothing for women who enjoy the outdoors. Especially pregnant women. Mountain Mama doesn't stop there, because, well, who could when there are beloved babies involved? The company works with Seth Neilson, a graphic designer, to make this ultra-cute adventure alphabet series of onsies and toddler t-shirts.

Cool Find: GSI Stemless Wine Glasses

GSI outdoors stemless wine glasses for camping

My wife and I always used to pack along a sleeve of disposable 12-oz Solo cups for those camping road trips until we came to our senses. I'm on a personal campaign to cut my consumption of disposable anything, particularly plastic. I'll admit that it's not always easy or convenient, and I'm not claiming that I've cut it all 100%. I'm still a person. But those Solo cups?  Yeah, no longer need them thanks to the GSI Stemless Wine Glass.

Cool Find: The Fanciful Outdoor Art of Katie Daisy

We're on the tail end of a tiling project at our house right now that's kept us locked in suburbia and indebted to Home Depot's foresight to build a store just a mile and some change from our front door. I've spent all hours of the clock on my knees lately. A good portion of spring has escaped, though I promised myself last summer that I'd abandon everything this April and May to spend weekends hiking and biking to locate and shoot my best blooming saguaro photo. Never happened. But not all is lost. I've mastered the caulk gun.

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