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Camera Gear: Is the Joby Gorillapod Tripod a Gimmick, or Awesome for Travel?

Look, I know you don't want to pony up 80 bucks for a little tripod, but let me explain. These days it's increasingly difficult to sort out when you're just paying for panache or scoring something that actually solves a problem. I've been around the block with small backpack-worthy tripods. I tried in vain to make work not one, not two, but three different $10 mini-tripods over the years. Guess what?  They all drove me nuts. Should I say more? Is it all that surprising that low-priced mediocre gear turned out to be a disappointment? Doubtful.

I kept trying, though.  Ten bucks here, ten bucks there, all the while claiming, "All I want is a little tripod to take the occasional self portrait while we're on a hike or something."

Save yourself the grief, take a ride on my experience, and just get a Joby Gorillapod. I know, it looks like a silly gimmick, but it's far from it.

Cool Find: Hand Made Guitar Strap Evokes Outdoor Adventure

One of the things I happen to believe about parenting - and part of what adventure travel helps to do - is teaching my child about craftsmanship and humanity and culture and art. Some of the simplest things in your house need not be mass-produced, imported-from-China goods. People, hard working skilled people, make things with their own two hands, a bit of skill, and, when you're fortunate enough for it, a whole bunch of love.

When I bought my first guitar a couple of months ago, I needed a strap to go with it. I thought about it for a few days.  "Hmmm, should I get one with 3" spikes? Or machine gun bullets? Or naked lady silhouettes . . . "

Outdoorsy Moms: You'll Love these Newborn/Infant Onesies

You know how it is: there's a little friendly competition among moms and grandmas in the quest for the absolute cutest baby clothes.  We all know it exists, but no one talks about it aloud. You go to grandma's house on Sunday afternoon and she says something like, “I picked up this onesie for you the other day, and it is sooooo cute!”

You look at it, and it says, “I'm kind of a big deal around here.” You laugh, because it is cute.

Well, here's a way to top that.

What Everybody Should Know About GCI Outdoors Camp Chairs

"Mark, your chair broke," so claimed a camp chum who usurped said chair and placed his beer-drinking ass in it while I was cooking dinner. Yeah, you get the picture?  I was cooking his meal and he broke my chair.

Then he just handed it back.  The dejection on his face was crying, ". . . it almost killed me!  My lawyer will be in touch," but his mouth was saying, "By the way, do you have another chair I can use? And when will dinner be ready? I'm hungry."

So what happened when I called in regarding the lifetime warranty on this chair?

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