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swissRoomBox: All You Need Now Is a swissBankAccount

swissRoomBox, Swiss Room Box

You gotta hand it to this dude, Philippe Perakis, the brain behind the swissRoomBox.  He's a former professional mountain biker who, like many of us, found a girl and rather quickly determined that he ought to grow out of the dirtbag lifestyle he'd been enjoying so much. He's come up with something that's going to knock your socks off.

Another Way to Stay Juiced Outside: Voltaic Solar Backpack

Pretty soon we won't have any excuses at all to stay home. With a bit of solar power on your backpack, think of all the possibilities. Sure, you can keep your iPhone charged run all those snazzy outdoorsy apps you bought.

Let's get a little more out there. Oh, you need to pump breast milk? Let's rest here on this precipice with a view of - go ahead pick one - Yosemite Valley, Canyonlands, the Sonoran Desert and plug in the breast pump. Wee-whirrr wee-whirrr wee-whirrr. Okay, not quite the sound you want while gazing at Earth's splendors, but you'll take what you can get.

Absurd or Smart?: Space-Saving Kid's Camping Plates That Store Flat, Weigh Nothing, and Cost Little

fozzils kids camping plates and dishes

We parents likely will never lift the veil from the mystery of how to get our kids to eat, consistently, the good food we've worked hard to prepare at camp. But we still try, right? And the old adage, “presentation is everything” remains one of the techniques; “presentation” having a loose definition, as I'm sure your children and mine share the same preference for food they find on the ground and deny the full plate in front of them.

Bravo for Running Moms: A Review of Run Like a Mother by by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

Yesterday was a classic example of how running keeps me sane.

It was my day home with Chloe, which means in the afternoons I can count on her to take a long toddler nap. I love - no, I need - that two-and-a-half hour stretch of time. So, when I heard her playing with her dolls an hour early, I peeked in on her. I knew by the smell what had gone down. Guess?

Our potty-training toddler peed and crapped her big-girl panties in her bed.

Yeah, so not awesome.

I threw the mess of clothes and sheets in the wash, wiped and re-pantied her round little tush, and went for my running shoes. It was either that or an early happy hour. Thank God for running.

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