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Cool Find: Camp Chef Over-The-Fire Grill

camp chef lumberjack campfire grill cooking food

You're dealing with a guy who's in his element cooking over the fire. It's a thankless chore, yes, to endure smoke in the eyes, and it's a merciless dance to balance the air flow with hot coals — yet there's no more satisfying sizzle than the one you make with pure flame, secret sauce and raw meat. I've made steak fajitas, bacon-wrapped shrimp cocktails, smothered chicken, carne asada, and others with this baby. I only tell you this to establish a little cred, because writing about a chunk of metal that sits over the fire so you can baste and char a tasty animal seems like a waste of pixels. I've gone back and forth on this for weeks now and decided to let it fly. So here goes. What could be so special about this grill?

Easy. The beauty is in brevity . . .

Cool Find: Men's Classic Fit Seersucker Shirt

classic-fit-seersucker 001

Oh, it's just a shirt. Or is it? Here's a little known fact: seersucker is a cotton fabric that's literally cooler than your usual cotton. The puckered material's threads are woven in a way that give it small, repeating tight micro clusters resulting in a crinkled look. Big deal, right? Here's the point. The crinkling makes this a material that naturally and slightly pulls away from your body just a bit, leaving some space for a touch of air flow and heat dispersal. It's a good fabric for summer shirts because you're cooler in a seersucker shirt than in a common cotton t-shirt.

Cool Find: Camelbak Bite Valve Replacements

camelbak valve replacement kids water bottle

To the blissfully ignorant non-parent, replacement bite valves for Camelbak bottles and reservoirs aren't worth the pixels to talk about. Why would they ever need to be replaced? But to you, me, and other parents the story is way different. Go ahead, raise your hand if your greasy, precious spawn haven't chewed right through a bite valve . . .

Cool Find: Helle Knives with Beautiful Wood Handles

helle knives 003

It's got to be hard to be a knife maker and stand out from the crowd. When you want to buy a knife, you have thousands and thousands of good ones to choose from (and even more bad ones . . .), so selecting a skewer isn't as much about which one is the best as much as which one speaks to you. I bought this Helle some time ago simply because I liked the handle . . .

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