Mom Chronicles: Hints from the road Mom Chronicles: Hints from the road

Active Pregnant Women Wanted for Survey

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Very little is known about the safety of travel and exercise at high altitude for pregnant women. Who has the definitive answer for what types of exercise are safe during pregnancy, and where is the line drawn? In 2011, the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology released a two-page report about what to know about exercise during pregnancy, but university researchers still want to know more from active women . . .

The Only Maternity Clothes I Saved: Mountain Mama Tops

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After having a baby in September, one of my first postpartum activities celebrations was stashing away my pile of maternity clothes in a great big storage bin. No, I couldn't exactly fit back into my regular clothes, I just wanted out of the maternity garb. Even though months earlier it was fun shopping for, wearing, and being congratulated in the maternity outfits, the majority of fun has a shelf life of just about 30 weeks . . .

Small Steps: The Delights & Difficulties of Hiking with Children and Making it Fun

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I'm a fan of hiking. Mark is, too (check out his list of 20 Fascinating Hiking Facts), so as we grew from a couple of trail enthusiasts into new parents, we aimed early on to continue making this one of our outdoor pleasures. We committed to it, and two out of the three of us were totally, 100% on board.

But our child? Ummmm, yeah, she had other ideas . . .

5 of My Favorite Fictitious Fathers

A year ago, Mark and our 4-year old daughter Chloe went on their first dad-daughter camping trip. Just to chill near the pine trees, set up a tree swing, and get way dirtier than either would ever 'fess up to mom. On a drive by some similar looking pine trees near Flagstaff last week, Chloe murmured from the backseat, "Look, Papa, remember the treasure we found in those trees? It was over there and we had to go and find it that time." She's talking about a geocache Mark and she found near their campsite on that twosome trip. I love when she conjures up little memories like that unprompted, and it makes me realize that some of this outdoors stuff we enjoy does stick with her. It also makes me appreciate what a cool dad Mark must seem to a little girl — one who takes his daughter to find treasures in the forest.

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, here is a list of some big-screen memorable dads who teach their kids crucial lessons in a way that sticks. These are some of the most iconic Dad nuggets to impart, and all are in their own way treasures their kids will value more later in life. The teaching approach may be different from dad-to-dad, serious to silly to eye-rollingly absurd, but these fathers get it done. So, here's to dads and the many types of treasures they show their children on the Journey of Fatherhood.

Are Little Kids Happy with Long-Term Adventure Travel? A Mother Gives Her Take

Rolling through numerous small towns each day for the last eight months, we encounter a lot of new people, and they are often very curious about our journey. Most of the time the questions asked are pretty much identical, and fired off in roughly the same order. The most frequent questions being:

  • Where are you going?
  • Where have you come from?
  • Do the kids like it?

The first two are easy, and if you are reading here, you already know the answers. The last one is a bit different, and I’m still trying to figure out what people really want to know or what their intentions truly are in asking . . .

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