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Happy Anniversary to My Shining Star

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A starry night in the Kofa Wilderness

To my star, my best adventure, my husband...

Mark, remember our first anniversary in San Carlos?

We had a lot of great times our first year of married life, but that trip was exceptional. I remember sitting on a patio with the sun setting over the Gulf, talking and eating fresh seafood. The strolling mariachis and flower vendors spotted us a mile away and came over to see if we were total suckers in love. Maybe we were, but who cares on a date like that? I still don't think you fell for it, though...Later on that trip, we snorkeled, went kayaking, and played in the water. Perfect 3 days of Mark and Brooke time.

When I think of us, this life we have together, I think of that trip. A lot of beauty and laughter. We play. We enjoy each other and love the small moments. Now, don't have to tell you, the trip itself might not be perfect. We might get off course or even disagree. But the Mark and Brooke together time, it is always right.

Thank you for being my path to so many adventures, including the life of Chloe. You are an amazing parent. I love what you teach her about the world and how you expect such greatness from her. She is such a mini-you sometimes! With the two of you around, how can my heart not beat with pride every minute?

Here's something that makes me think of us. It's been too long since we've been to a Dave Wilcox concert, by the way. Talk about things that are good for the marriage, that's one of them. Here's to life, and to number seven with you, my Mark.

Would you please explain it one more time, I love the wild surprise of seeing through your eyes...

-- David Wilcox, "Good Together"


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