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Poll: Are DVD Players in the Backseat Good Or Bad?

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DVD player for the carGo ahead and vote!  You can be totally anonymous, or leave a comment below.  Either way I want to know.

And if you do have one, what rules do you set for showing movies?

Do you leverage your sweet little sunshine's love of all things cartoon to your advantage and hold the DVDs back when needed?

Use it as a reward?  Any other rules?


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# Justin 2010-07-20 17:53
Living down in southeast Texas we are a long way from any good locations. Our trips always require a lot of highway miles, so we let our girls watch, but in moderation.It is definitely a valuable piece of kit for our family. shoot we don't evan have cable in our house, so I can see where the "no way never" voters come from.
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# Tim 2010-07-21 19:37
I don't set any rules about movies on roadtrips. But we also don't just play movies over and over. Just no hard rules.
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# Shaun 2010-07-22 14:37
We don't use it for day trips or even camping trips. It's primarily used when we travel alot of 'boring' highway miles without much stopping.
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