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Racquetball: Fun Family Night in a 40-Second Time-Lapse

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Since Ania has come to live with our family - all the way from lovely Ukraine - we've joined the local gym. That's right, the members of this adventure-loving family are doing their due diligence on the jogging track, the elliptical torture device and the stationary bike on Mondays and Wednesdays after work. I guess we've literally joined the club. Mark and I really prefer something outside, like a run, a hike, or a mean game of tossing the frisbee, so the gym is not my favorite work-out experience; but it gets the job done. We can spend time together away from tv and computer screens, and we burn a few calories, too.

Bonus: they have racquetball courts.

Mark and Ania learned how to play through a Chandler recreation class. I'm slowly catching on. What I know already is that it's fun. And a super workout. Maybe the friendly competition, high-energy level required, and the exhilaration of smacking a ball around bring the gym up a notch in the adventure category. And if not, who cares anyway? It's all about getting what you can out of wherever you are with the ones you're with.

And get a load of this time-lapse video Mark and Ania shot - makes you want to go play, doesn't it?


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