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Congratulations: Standup Paddler Superhero Mom Karen Wrenn Paddles 150 Miles in 6 Days

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Karen Wrenn, Standup paddler sets new record

Last week, standup paddler Karen Wrenn linked all of California's Channel Islands over the course of six days and 150 miles under her own power. She's the first to do it. That's an undertaking few hope to do. She's 39, and a (superhero) mother to three children. We'd just like to say, "Bravo!" You're awesome, Karen.

Turns out, too, standup paddling makes for a killer ab workout. In case it's not obvious to you. Yeah, put the chips down and do a couple of crunches, like now.

You ought to go read this interview with Karen, it'll only take up 4 minutes of your day, and you'll get the nitty-gritty on how she did it.



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