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Moms and Dads, you know how it is in parenting: hindsight is both blessing and curse.  Every month, every year you feel wiser at this, but it makes you think back and wish you had that knowledge going into it all.  How did our first children even survive that stumbling, bumbling first few months?  Similarly, one of the best parts about vehicle-dependent travel is that every road trip and weekend adventure is different so you come out of it with, if nothing else, great hindsight. Stumbles and bumbles included.

Let's say a week-long trip goes just according to plan- no vehicle trouble, you bring exactly the right clothes and gear, the family doesn't squabble, and the scenery is as remote and beautiful as the guidebook says.  You, my friend, have just beaten Murphy's law at its favorite hangout.  Being realistic, though, trips aren't movies.  They don't usually unfold exactly according to the plan.  And when that happens in our family adventures, I try to think about what we can take from the experience for next time.  Also, I just consider that anything or anyone negative just gives Mark more meat for his stories...

Through our different stages of travel- as a couple bouncing in a Jeep Wrangler, as parents of an infant exploring in our Nissan Frontier, and now as parents of a mobile and talking toddler, we have learned tips and skills that have been helpful to us, and might be to others as well.  This website is an archive of our family adventures and photographs, but we also hope if can be a resource for parents and anyone who wants to know they aren't the only ones trying to show our next generation about safe outdoor recreation and the beauty of our world.


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