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The Only Maternity Clothes I Saved: Mountain Mama Tops

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mountain mama maternity movement tank top

After having a baby in September, one of my first postpartum activities celebrations was stashing away my pile of maternity clothes in a great big storage bin. No, I couldn't exactly fit back into my regular clothes, I just wanted out of the maternity garb. Even though months earlier it was fun shopping for, wearing, and being congratulated in the maternity outfits, the majority of fun has a shelf life of just about 30 weeks. It's such a mind-trick (blamed on hormones?) that the same clothes I was thrilled to start wearing five months earlier were now unappealing, unsexy, and, well, gross to me.

While we ladies do like to swap and share nicer maternity outfits with our friends, I'm sorry to say I have two things I won't be passing on to anyone else:

    1. My stretchy black velour pants (they went with everything and were perfect for camping outings) and
    2. My Mountain Mama maternity tops

Trust me, you'll want your own.

The Mountain Mama tops were some of the most recent additions to my maternity staples, and they became my go-to athletic wear for the gym or outside activities all the way through that 9th month. As you who have been preggers know, it's a big deal when you can feel comfortable wearing anything in those last few weeks, and the two Mountain Mama tops I bought really delivered comfort. The two tops didn't get packed away with the other maternity clothes because they fit perfectly, even without a bun in the oven. There is no blah floppiness in the Bellyglove™ design, it expands comfortably as your belly grows and constricts back down to normal size. I'm not alone when I say the material is comfortable, easy to care for and comes in nice colors. Nearly all user reviews say the same. But I also feel better about my body's shape when I wear these tops instead of baggy t-shirts. Thank you, Mountain Mama, because anything that makes a new momma happy makes the whole family happy.

The two tops I have are the Marni Movement Maternity tank and the Orcas Eco Maternity/Nursing cross-front tee-shirt. Aside from the wonderful fit, here's what I love about them:

Marni Movement Tank Top
mountain mama marni movement tank straps

The Marni Tank has gorgeous cris-crossing back/shoulder straps. It's far cooler than any other maternity (or non-maternity) tank designs that have caught my eye. And I love the Red Bud color. Too bad it's winter now, I had to stop wearing this top for a while. When the warmth of late spring comes again, I'll be wearing this tank.

Orca Eco Crossfit Maternity/Nursing Top
mountain mama orca eco crossfit

The Orcas Eco Crossfront is the nicest athletic top I've used while breastfeeding with the double layer front panel that crosses for easy access. I'm willing to keep using this through the winter by layering with a fleece. You do have to wear a nursing bra under the Orcas tee so it holds nursing pads tight enough. I have it in a sunny yellow color, but they offer some updated colors now on the website. I would get them in every one except my pregnancy/breastfeeding phase is coming to an end this year.

I wish I'd known about this line of maternity clothing before my first pregnancy — I would have collected more pieces for my wardrobe. But all is not lost. Mountain Mama has a whole line-up of hot-looking active tops, wraps, skirts and other accessories that work for ladies, expecting or not. I just wanted to say thanks to Mountain Mama for a product that makes us moms feel great and keeps us comfortably attired for outdoor, active lifestyles.

See the whole collection of active maternity tops at >>>

Disclosure: I was neither paid nor given anything for free in exchange for this review, and that includes the products discussed. I paid for them and wanted to share my thoughts after long-term use. See our ethics statement here.


Rockabilly Clothing
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# Rockabilly Clothing 2013-01-24 03:56
Those items you can probably use as non-pregnant aswell, as loose fit tops. Really like the first one.
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# Sarah 2013-01-31 21:35
Love! I got that same magenta top and totally agree!!
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# Jentri 2013-01-31 22:38
I LOVE Mountain Mama!!! It is wonderful clothing for anytime. I have the orca tee and love it and the San Juan hoodie and love it too. I haven't been pregnant for 3 years now but I love the clothes. I also love that I can get long term wear out of them rather than spending a ton of money on maternity clothes that I'll really only wear for the last 3 months of my pregnancy. Great post about great clothes!
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