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Very little is known about the safety of travel and exercise at high altitude for pregnant women. Who has the definitive answer for what types of exercise are safe during pregnancy, and where is the line drawn? In 2011, the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology released a two-page report about what to know about exercise during pregnancy (link), but university researchers still want to know more from active women.

Linda Keyes from the University of Colorado and Andrew Luks from the University of Washington are conducting a research project to study what kind of exercise women actually do participate in during pregnancy and whether they travel to high altitude during pregnancy. They'd like your input if you have personal experience in the matter. Their goal is to use the information obtained in the survey results to provide advice to physicians and their pregnant patients who want to travel to high elevations. If you are physically active and have been pregnant you may be able to provide useful information for the study, which is being run jointly through the University of Washington and the University of Colorado.

They've created a 15-20 minute online anonymous survey for you if you choose to share your experiences. Eligible participants are women who have completed a pregnancy and are physically active. You do not need to have been to high altitude during pregnancy to participate. If you are currently pregnant with your first pregnancy, please wait until after delivery to complete the survey.

Participation in this study is voluntary. You may decline to answer any question in the survey. All of the information you provide remains anonymous. Although you will not benefit directly from this survey, it's expected that information learned from the survey will help physicians and pregnant women who wish to travel and exercise at high altitude.

Here's the survey:
Remember to click "Submit" at the end of the survey to ensure that your answers are saved properly.


Photo by Kristian Saile, at Grand Teton National Park


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