The Sunday Morning Chillax: Short Videos with Big Stoke

The Sunday Morning Chillax: Mind-Blowing Road Bike Stunt Riding by Martyn Ashton

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It's too good to pass up. If there's a chance you haven't already seen this, you're going to freak out when you do. Epic trials rider Martyn Ashton swings a leg over the $16,000 handmade full carbon Pinarello Dogma 2 that Team Sky rode and won in this year's Tour de France and takes a joyride that'll add a little slack to your jaw. Ashton's known for his mind-bending exhibition bike stunts, so prepare for more brain warpage — there's just no way you've seen a road bike of this caliber ridden like this. I won't even try to explain, just watch. You won't be sorry.

On another note. When I go out for my weekend ride and I tell my wife, "I'll be back in awhile. Gonna go do a ride," I secretly wonder if she thinks this is what I look like out there.

martyn ashton pinarello dogma tour de france


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The Sunday Morning Chillax is here while you're enjoying a cup of coffee in the quiet morning as your kids, hopefully, sleep in. No need to read, this is always a video; something to give you happy thoughts about mountains, fresh air, stoke, fun, or being outside. Enjoy. Relax. And, um, not guaranteed to be weekly — hey, you get what you pay for but it's a dang good bargain.


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